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Easy to dose capsules offer the convenience of proper portion control and saves from handling the sticky oil. Made wth A 100% botanical oil extract from Cannabis plant and flowers. Each dose of 25mg full spectrum THC per capsule have effects of euphoria, increased appetite and contributes to a more restful sleep.

* Tolerance varies for every user.

Used for:

Calming anxiety, increase appetite, pain management, and getting a deeper more restful sleep.

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RSO Capsules

Pure hemp dietary supplement. This product is best for adult micro-dosing. Take one 5mg capsule. For those who prefer to consume cannabis oil, enjoy the convenience of dosage capsules. Onset takes up to 2 hours and lasting effect for up to 8 hours. Tolerance varies between people. Effects of a euphoric body buzz.

A 100% botanical oil extract from Cannabis plant and flowers. The medicine is fully decarboxylated and can be used straight out of the applicator, sublingually or orally, in a vaporizer, or by painting it over buds in a bowl. Made with using winterization extraction method. The flavour profile is usually very bitter and spicy, think of biting into a peppercorn or a strong pungent spice such as juniper berry or allspice. If taken sublingually and given the opportunity to absorb in the salivary glands of the mouth – for immediate effect.

Directions/Suggested Use

Mild Euphoria
10-30 mg
Strong Euphoria
30+ mg
Very Strong Euphoria

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