Casper OG

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Casper OG: Your Friendly Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Casper OG this rare indica-dominant hybrid is created by crossing two powerful strains: Face Off OG and Ghost OG. With its high THC level and calming effects, Casper OG is sure to become your new favourite bedtime companion.

The high comes on gradually, allowing you to ease into a state of relaxation without feeling overwhelmed. You’ll feel waves of warmth wash over you, lifting your mood and melting away your worries. Despite its calming effects, Casper OG won’t sap your energy; instead, it’ll help you feel mentally calm and focused.

A delicious flavor profile that will tantalize your taste buds. With hints of skunky diesel and fresh pine, this strain offers a refreshing and zesty citrus taste that’s smooth and satisfying.

The buds themselves are also a treat to behold. They have a round, lumpy shape and are minty green in color with amber hairs and a coating of sparkling trichomes. Casper OG is truly a sight to see and a joy to experience.

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