Peyote Cookies

Grade: AAAA+
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Grade: AAAA+ Craft

Peyote Cookies is a cross between Peyote Purple and Cookies Kush.

This incredibly potent Indica will immediately relax your muscles, alleviating aches, pains, and any tension you might be experiencing. These long-lasting effects are potent best suited for evening consumption during the evening hours. If you’re a medical user looking to beat insomnia and sleep issues, make sure to give this strain a try. Just be wary that, in large quantities, Peyote Cookies can be very sedating.

The physical aspects of this flower cannot be understated, it is truly a magnificent flower, incredibly dense and resinous. Within just a few hits, get ready to experience long-lasting relaxation like no other. Your body will completely wind down, while your brain will still remain functional, but also relaxed.

The flowers have a sweet but earthy aroma that is accented by tropical fruits and nutty vanilla. The flavours tasted when consuming are pretty similar, as many have described tasting vanilla and coffee mixed with a bit of fruity guava.

1 review for Peyote Cookies

  1. UR2NV (verified owner)

    I’m a regular shopper at Crown Weed. I found Crown through leafy things as a delivery service. Everything I buy, I enjoy even more than the last. What else can I say besides these guys are consistent, reliable, friendly and efficient. Good products matched with good customer service is a winner in my books! Go Crown! Keep it up.

    As for peyote cookies I would ensure you have a safe cozy spot on the couch because this will put you on your ass lol. I bong everything and my tolerance is very high and even I was like WHOA…
    In my 15+ years of smoking weed this strain ranks as the strongest, hardest hitting strain for me personally. Get ready for a real heavy indica!

    Those of us who smoke regularly will truly appreciate this craft strain. It smokes nice, has a wonderful flavour profile and is a must try! Suck up the cost because I would rate this above AAAA+. Very accurate to the pages description. This high lasts quite a bit of time so you can really enjoy a full movie or game, which for me is really nice.

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