Stinky PuTang

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Stinky Putang: A Pungent Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain

Stinky Putang, also known as “The Stinky Putang,” is a potent indica dominant hybrid strain that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. This strain is a cross between the classic PuTang and Mr. Stinky strains, resulting in a unique aroma and flavor profile that’s both pungent and spicy.

Stinky Putang has a strong, pungent aroma that’s reminiscent of gasoline and spicy orange. When smoked, the flavor is similarly heavy, with sour citrus notes and a diesel aftertaste.

Stinky Putang is a powerhouse strain that hits hard and fast. Its effects are felt almost immediately after exhaling, starting with a cerebral rush that elevates your mood and launches your mind into space. This is followed by a soothing physical high that washes over your body in warming waves of relaxation, relieving any aches or pains.

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