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A pain and anxiety-reducing, highly-pure THC extract.

Our highly pure, THC distillate has been stripped of terpenes and distilled at lower temperatures for maximum potency. These ingredients use the Entourage Effect to work synergistically, enhancing each other’s overall efficacy.

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A pocket-sized discreet vape for instant relief of anxiety and stress. Made with THC distillate this formula can help manage stress and elevate your mood with a balanced mind and body experience. THC Distillate can help to ease pain and inflammation, soothe anxiety and support mental clarity.


• Elevating Mood
• Supporting in pain management
• Reducing inflammation
• Calming anxiety
• Supporting mental clarity
• Providing euphoric effects


THC distillate extract: a pain and anxiety reducing, highly concentrated THC extract.


Refer to the CBD Recommended Dosage Chart. Take 2-4 puffs as needed.

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