THC Next Level 1.1G Disposable Vape Pen


A pain and anxiety-reducing, highly-pure THC extract.

Our highly pure, THC distillate has been stripped of terpenes and distilled at lower temperatures for maximum potency. These ingredients use the Entourage Effect to work synergistically, enhancing each other’s overall efficacy.

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Looking for high-quality premium AAAA vape pen? Next level distillate has you covered. We have a great choice of flavors in addition to our hard hitting strains so one can feel the punch which you need! For our flavoured distillate Next Level use healing botanical terpenes that don’t provide you with a conventional smoke scent just like the heavy hitting traces. All of our distillate does NOT comprise vegetable Glycerine or Propylene Glycol. Our merchandise are the visit for each Novice and accustomed weed consumer fans.

1g in each distillate cartridge

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